Simple Guide In Buying A Micro SD Card

Gadget | January 1, 2018

SD Card

Storage is as important as any other feature in a smartphone nowadays. As we become more driven by bigger and bigger data, the demand for bigger storage among consumer is also soaring. Everyone loves a device with bigger storage capacity but this usually comes at a higher price.

Storage problem is indeed a source of disappointment to some iPhone users because when you buy the product there is no other way you can expand its capacity. If you have bought a 16GB of iPhone SE and then realize that its capacity is not enough to suit your needs then you are going to suffer the consequences of having a device with smaller storage capacity.

But luckily for consumers, other brands do not offer a fixed storage capacity deal to its product. Other brands, usually run by Android, is offering a device with smaller storage capacity at an affordable price but with an expandable storage capacity through a micro SD slot.

This is a great deal to consumers who are tight in budget. They buy the product at a lower price with all the features they want except for a bigger storage. But no worries, as they can expand the storage later when they have enough money to buy for a microSD card.

However, we should understand that some people's interest are not into the latest technology or to the latest gadget in the market. They are not that cautious enough on the things that they need to know before buying an SD card. They just simply buy without even knowing if it is compatible with their device. So, I created this post for these people to have at least some guide in buying a microSD card. Hoping that this could somehow help them save time and money in doing so.

Know The Maximum Expandable Storage Capacity

Before anything else it is important to know first the maximum expandable storage capacity of your smartphone. You can always ask the seller you are dealing with about this feature of the phone that you are buying. If you forgot to ask, you can always Google the feature of your phone and this will normally show up along with other features.

This part is very important to avoid buying a 32 Gigabytes (GB) of microSD card when your phone can only handle of up to 16GB expanded storage.

Think Big For Long Term Use

If you plan to expand the storage of your smartphone by inserting micro SD card you should buy the one with bigger memory for long term use. Do not be tempted to buy a memory SD card with smaller capacity for temporary use.

The thought that you will just buy another one with bigger memory later is completely absurd and a waste of money. Eventually, you will have to disposed or get rid of your temporary memory when you finally realize that having a bigger storage is indeed more beneficial. Therefore, the better option is to aim for the maximum storage that your phone can handle to expand with. Canvas the price first and then save for it.

Go For Higher Class

Micro SD card can be identified by its class number. The higher the class it entails the better. For instance, a class 10 type is way better than a class 4 in terms of transfering or saving files. Though, this might come at a higher price, this could also be beneficial to you during the times when speed is a key.

Go For A Trusted Brand

In buying an SD card I suggest that you always go for your trusted brand. Quality is important as it can always save you money and can protect the safety of your data. Trusted brands normally undergoes a quality check before it was released into the market. This will at least give you some sort of relief from sudden loss of data due to SD card failure or some sort of defects. Some known trusted brands are Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic.

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